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Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA)
AFCESA provides the best tools, practices and professional support to Air Force civil engineers around the world. Access the agency's repository of civil engineer knowledge in nearly all facets of civil engineering, civil engineer support, and contract management.

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)
Learn about AFCEE and gain access to AFCEE's products, services and personnel.

DoD's VPP Center of Excellence
DoD's in-house Center of Excellence (CX) for deploying Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)-conforming safety management systems and programs that assist DoD installations and defense agencies in achieving and maintaining OSHA VPP Star status.

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment.

Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange. A comprehensive resource for Defense Installations and Environmental Communities.

Enviro$en$e Links
Information dealing with environmental research projects done by universities, Department of Energy, military and others.

The place for ergonomics. Useful information on products, case studies, instructional materials, related news and more.

Global Network of Environment & Technology. Features resources and people that shape the Environmental & Technology marketplace.

Energy Information Administration
Official energy statistics from the U.S. government.

Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA)
OEA is the Department of Defense's primary source for assisting communities that are adversely impacted by Defense program changes, including base closures or realignments, base expansions, and contract or program cancellations.

Energy Star
ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

DoE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Bringing you a prosperous future where energy is clean, abundant, reliable and affordable.
tabTechnology Transfer Links 
IVT Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
This PDF (2 MB) defines geospatical data and metadata content specifications, data handling procedures, and validation methodology for IVT to supplement BRAC 2005 analysis.

National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence
Agency established by Department of Defense to address high-priority environmental problems. Access to their core activities, thrust areas and JG-APP and CTC.

Office of Technology Transition
Allows access to FLC, NTTC, NASA, DoE and other TT sites.
tabLaboratories Links 
Air Force Research Laboratory - Human Effectiveness Directorate
Predicts and mitigates the bioeffects of directed energy on personnel and mission performance, and exploit the bioeffects of directed energy for non-lethal applications.

Department of Defense IAC
Access to the Information Analysis Center (IAC).
tabLogistics Links 
Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC)
MAJCOM that conducts research, development, test and evaluation, and provides acquisition management services and logistics support necessary to keep Air Force weapon systems ready for war.

Hill Air Force Base, Utah - Ogden Air Logistics Center
An AFMC air logistics center responsible for item management, depot-level overhaul and repair for various weapon systems and commodities.

Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense - Installations and Environment
OSD organization that reduces the total ownership costs of the military infrastructure, provides the nation with military installations to support the warfighter in achieving military dominance, ensures superior living and working conditions, and enhances the safety of the force and the quality of the environment.

Office of the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense - Logistics & Materiel Readiness
OSD organization that provides responsive cost-effective support to ensure readiness and sustainability for the total force across the spectrum of military operations.

Robins Air Force Base, Georgia - Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
The largest industrial complex in the state of Georgia, this AFMC air logistics center manages and maintains various weapon systems and commodities.

Develops Air Force acquisition policy and processes for agile capabilities-based acquisition.

Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center
The largest of three air logistics centers in AFMC; manages and maintains a variety of aircraft, engines and commodities.
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