Operational Energy AFWERX Challenge

Do you have an idea on how to optimize aviation fuel use and improve combat capability for the Air Force? Do you want to influence operational energy policy and acquisitions?

Whether it's an innovative technology that reduces aircraft drag or weight, a sustainment process to improve engine performance, a more streamlined flight plan, a solution to help mitigate risk to our fuel supply network, or anything in between, we want to hear about it!

Submit your idea or vote for your favorite through the Air Force Ideation Platform (CAC-Enabled). From the API homepage, select "Command and Wing" and then look for "Operational Energy".

All ideas and suggestions will be reviewed and carefully considered to determine possibility of Air Force buy-in and implementation. Please be prepared to answer follow-up questions and present your idea to stakeholders.

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Mr. Roberto Guerrero
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Operational Energy 

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