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Energy Awareness Month

Energy Awareness Month

Every October, we recognize Energy Awareness Month to highlight the critical role energy plays in Air Force operations, and to encourage smart energy use and management for our installations, ground vehicles, and aircraft.

This year, our theme of "Energy Able – Mission Capable” will showcase how efficient energy use increases mission capability and readiness for our global mission. Whether we’re championing projects that optimize aviation fuel use, or encouraging Airmen to make smart energy decisions at individual installations, our goal is to foster a culture that prioritizes energy optimization and water management.

To support Energy Awareness Month 2020, we've developed the following materials for energy managers, public affairs officers, and other interested parties. We encourage you to download and distribute these materials to educate Airmen about the important role energy and water play in every aspect of the Air Force mission. Whether you implement aviation fuel efficiency projects or take action at individual installations, every effort taken by our Air Force community helps us to improve our capability and resilience

Materials for Download

Energy Awareness Month Posters

Download and print these posters to hang in high traffic areas, hand out, or use online.


;">Energy Awareness Month Poster

Social Media Toolkit & Graphics

Air Force Energy’s Social Media Toolkit is an easy to use guide to help you connect with audiences interested in Energy Awareness Month. In the toolkit, you will find information and resources to help you start engaging on social media. Copy and paste our pre-approved social media posts, download our graphics, or use the materials to develop your own unique messaging. Be sure to use hashtags #EnergyAwarenessMonth and #EnergyAbleMissionCapable.

EAM Twitter Cover

EAM Facebook Cover

Operational Energy Graphics

Optimizing Aerial Refueling Infographic Drag Reduction Technology Infographic

Engine Sustainment Infographic Fuel Logistics Infographic

 Energy in Wargaming Infographic Precision Fuel Planning Infographic

Installation Energy Graphics

Generating Mission Success              Energy Assurance

Innovation Solutions              Ensuring Water Capacity

Youth Materials

Access a comprehensive instructor’s packet including games, activity sheet, and tips to help adults educate people from 1 to 99 about how they save energy, water, and other resources. Available in EnglishGerman and Spanish.


Airmen Materials

Fact Sheets


Mr. Mark Correll
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Environment, Safety and Infrastructure


Roberto Guerrero Bio
Mr. Roberto Guerrero
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Operational Energy 

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