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Thank you for reaching out to the Air Force’s Office of Energy Assurance (OEA). Partnerships are key to OEA’s project research and development strategy, enabling the office to leverage unique resources and capabilities to achieve energy and water resilient installations that ensure mission success. 

These partnerships not only help power the Air Force mission, but could also provide:

  • Grid stability
  • Local economy stimulation
  • Increased presence and recognition
  • Safe and secure energy assets

We are excited to hear from you about potential project ideas. To help us prioritize your inquiry, please provide complete unclassified information in the interest form below.

If you would like to provide additional information not captured in this form, please review OEA’s open Request for Information (RFI), solicitation number W912DY-19-U-OEA1, via

Participation in this interest form is limited to exchanging information to improve the understanding of government requirements and industry capabilities. The government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this request or to otherwise pay for the information provided by respondents. Failure to respond to this interest form does not preclude participation in any future associated request for information or proposal that may be issued. Information provided in no way binds the government to solicit or award a contract.




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