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RT @HQUSAFEAFAF: Fueling the birds from the ground up! A 555th Aircraft Maintenance Unit crew chief, attaches a fueling line to an F-16 Fi…
It doesn't have to cost money to give. What can you do today? #GivingTuesday https://t.co/xFEhfMSieU
RT @AETCommand: Join @MaxwellAFB for the unveiling of a sculpture of Rosa Parks, which will commemorate her service to the base and the civ…
#DYK what three-stream adaptive engines are? As one of the latest advancements in engine technology - adaptive eng… https://t.co/I4twrglwAO
#FactFriday: Increased landing weights can be tied to increased maintenance issues on main landing gear. Our data f… https://t.co/IXiZ6GqE7O
Walking into Thanksgiving ready to ingest your bodyweight like… #NoFuelNoFight https://t.co/ejArn5XZpG
#PowerTuesday: How many 10 pound turkeys (or tofurkeys!) can a C-130 carry? Asking for a friend… https://t.co/cJ52SqyfPA
We're making history right now too! NASA recently conducted wind-tunnel testing for their first all-electric X plan… https://t.co/KLoyUzeQRk
Do you know what type of technology is being tested in this 1960 @NASA photo? #AviationHistoryMonth https://t.co/tBUAG83Gzl
Check out how the Air Force became global for #AviationHistoryMonth. ✈️ 👉 https://t.co/09y1vGbHiw https://t.co/YcLW6Fv9oY
RT @AFResearchLab: Today we honor 1st Lt. Aleda E. Lutz and the truly awe inspiring work she did flying 196 missions and evacuating over 3.…
Will you be tuning in to listen to the Deputy Asst. Secretary of @usairforce Operational Energy, Roberto Guerrero?… https://t.co/zgoqzQGjWM
RT @afcivilian: Kindness rocks! Loved this story from #MalmstromAFB in #Montana. https://t.co/zP9rX1uSu9 Hope you'll spread some kindness…
Do you know when the first US military aircraft was accepted? #AviationHistoryMonth https://t.co/UwzivyE93g

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