Malmstrom AFB, Montana Coal-to-Liquid EUL

The Air Force is exploring the possibility of leasing underutilized property at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont. for the construction of a Coal-to-Liquid (CTL) fuel plant to support national energy goals.

The Air Force has made energy conservation and efficiency a top priority. In response to President Bush's challenge to wean the nation off foreign energy supplies, we created an energy vision: To Make Energy a Consideration in Everything We Do. From that vision, we have adopted a three-part energy strategy of increasing supply, reducing demand, and changing the Air Force culture on how we think about energy.

The Air Force uses 10% of the nation's aviation fuel and is the largest user of energy in the federal government. To reduce demand on foreign oil and increase domestic supply, the Air Force is committed to certify our fleet on synthetic jet fuel by 2011. By 2016, we will purchase 50% of our domestic aviation fuel needs via a synthetic fuel blend manufactured in plants that produce a fuel that is greener than currently available products. This synthetic fuel will be manufactured at facilities similar to the CTL fuel plant proposed for Malmstrom AFB.

The Air Force released the Request for Qualifications document Feb. 29, 2008.  It is available here.

The Air Force held a town-hall meeting Jan. 30, 2008 at the Great Falls Civic Center in Great Falls, Mont. Air Force officials were on hand to listen to community concerns and answer questions. Local community members will also had the opportunity to voice their opinions during a public comment period.    
Community Meeting Agenda (PDF)
Community Meeting Briefings (PDF)
Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Plant Opportunity Fact Sheet (PDF)
The Air Force hosted an industry forum Jan. 31 in Great Falls, Montana to inform potential business partners of a CTL Enhanced Use Lease development opportunity at Malmstrom AFB. The forum showcased this potential Enhanced Use Lease project gauging private industry interest and allowing input from relevant stakeholders.

Agenda and Presentations




0730 - 0900 Continental Breakfast and Registration
0900 - 0905 Opening Remarks Evan Barrett (Chief Business Officer, State of Montana)
0905 - 0915 State of Montana Welcome (PDF) Gov. Brian Schweitzer
0915 - 0925 Air Force Welcome (PDF) The Honorable William Anderson
(Assistant Secretary, Installations, Environment & Logistics and USAF Senior Energy Executive)
0925 - 0940 Break 
0940 - 1015 Malmstrom Coal-to-Liquid Enhanced Use Lease Project Description (PDF) Wayne Wisniewski
(Acting Director, Real Property Office, Deputy General Counsel Environment & Installations, Project Team Co-lead)
Pete LaPuma
(Energy Specialist, Booz Allen Hamilton)
1015 - 1045 Enhanced Use Lease Solicitiation Process
Judith Tepperman (Air Force Real Property Agency Project Team Co-lead)
Brenda Roesch (Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment)
1045 - 1100  341st Space Wing Mission Brief Col. Sandra Finan, Commander, 341st Space Wing
1100 - 1200 State Incentives (PDF), Environmental Factors (PDF) and Finance (PDF) Panel Tom Kaiserski (Montana Department of Commerce, Energy Division)
David Klemp (Montana Department of
Environmental Quality)
Jerry Pierce (Director, Investment Banking, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.)
1200 - 1330 Networking Lunch 
1330 - 1500 Malmstrom AFB Site Visit - Group 1 
1500 - 1530 Break
1530 - 1700 Malmstrom AFB Site Visit - Group 2 
1700 - 1730 Questions and Answers 
1730 - 1740 Closing Comments  Wayne Wisniewski

Additional Information:  Additional details for the Malmstrom AFB Coal-to-Liquid Industry Forum may be accessed at (Conference Code MAM56398).   

Community Update #2 (PDF)
Community Update #1 (PDF)
Fact Sheet: Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Plant Opportunity (PDF)

For more information about Malmstrom AFB, click here.

AF officials offer property lease opportunities, Feb. 11, 2008