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InstallEnergy VisionWith the increasing impacts of climate change, large-scale natural disasters, and growing threats of physical and cyber-attacks on our utilities, coordinating energy and water resilience has never been more important.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure's (SAF/IEE) Installation Energy Program is committed to ensuring end-to-end energy resilience for mission-critical infrastructure assets across the Department of the Air Force (DAF). As part of this, the Installation Energy Program delivers the necessary policies, tools, and oversight to ensure the resilience of energy and water systems that enable enterprise capabilities and mission execution.

By placing a greater focus on resilience, mission, water, and climate, our Air and Space Forces will be more prepared to deliver energy and water whenever and wherever it is needed to protect the nation, its values, and its interests.

Photo of 4 hexagons outlining DAF's approach - resilience focused, climate informed, water inclusive, and mission centric

Resilience-focused. Energy projects should bolster an installation’s ability to respond to and recover from a loss of power.

Mission-centric. Identify interdependencies impacting mission success that may have otherwise been overlooked, and recognize that additional vulnerabilities and adaptive capacities come with the geographical dispersion of its missions.

Water-inclusive. To address issues from stressed water resources to water rights disputes, the DAF is more fully incorporating water into resilience efforts through a comprehensive water management framework.

Climate-informed. Incorporate comprehensive climate adaptation and mitigation measures across energy and infrastructure projects to secure resilience against climate threats, while addressing contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

Installation energy accounts for nearly 20% of total DAF energy consumption and includes the energy used to power all facilities located on military installations and enduring locations, as well as fuel for the non-tactical fleet vehicles used at those locations and the energy consumed in manufacturing, maintenance, and other processes.

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Installation Energy Spotlight

  • The Deputy Assistant Secretary for SAF/IEE, recently authored an article for the Society of American Military Engineer's, The Military Engineer on Department of the Air Force's New Energy Pilot Initiatives
  • The DAF is proud to celebrate International Women's Day! Click here to watch Ms. Balkus share her thoughts on diversity, equity, and inclusion across the DAF.


The Department of the Air Force Installation Energy Strategic Plan aligns installation energy efforts with mission needs. By placing a greater focus on energy resilience and mission, the strategic plan will create an Enterprise that is ultimately more prepared to deliver energy and water when and where it is needed to protect the nation, its values, and its interests.

Installation Energy Strategic Plan front cover featuring airman, a water droplet, and power lines

SAF/IEE also published an article on the Installation Energy Strategic Plan in The Military Engineer Magazine shortly after its release. SAF/IEE further explained how it using one of its verification tools - Energy Resilience Readiness Exercises - to test enabling systems in the event of a loss of power. Read more here


Image of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure Nancy J. Balkus
Ms. Nancy J. Balkus
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure