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InstallEnergy VisionThe Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure's (SAF/IEE) Installation Energy Program is committed to ensuring mission critical infrastructure assets receive the necessary secure, reliable power when and where they need it. The Program provides effective and efficient energy and water management policy and program oversight by developing and deploying policies and guidance to ensure the Air Force has energy secure power projection platforms in which to meet its missions.

Installation energy accounts for nearly 20% of the total Air Force energy consumption and includes the energy used to power all facilities located Air Force installation or enduring location, as well as fuel for the non-tactical fleet vehicles used at those locations and the energy consumed in manufacturing, maintenance, and other processes.

The Air Force looks first-and-foremost at energy projects designed to improve mission resilience, while recognizing cost-effectiveness and cleaner energy as valuable subcomponents.

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Installation Energy Spotlight

Department of the Air Force Instruction 90-1701 Released

This instruction implements the installation energy and water-related portions of Department of the Air Force Directive 90-17, Energy and Water Management. This Instruction applies to all Department of the Air Force organizations and activities, to include all civilian employees and uniformed members of the Regular Air Force, Space Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, located on an Air Force installation or facility.


The Department of the Air Force Installation Energy Strategic Plan aligns installation energy efforts with mission needs. By placing a greater focus on energy resilience and mission, the strategic plan will create an Enterprise that is ultimately more prepared to deliver energy and water when and where it is needed to protect the nation, its values, and its interests.

Installation Energy Strategic Plan


Mr. Mark Correll
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Environment, Safety and Infrastructure

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