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About Air Force Operational Energy

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Energy reliability and resiliency are vital to the Air Force mission to fly, fight and win. As the Department of Defense's largest energy consumer, we depend on aviation fuel to remain successful. At Air Force Operational Energy, we help mitigate operational risk to the warfighter and optimize how the Air Force uses fuel by developing and championing energy-informed solutions. We look for ways to increase efficiency and decrease fuel supply chain vulnerabilities through new technologies, data solutions, and innovative process improvements. Our goal is to fly smarter, not less.

Our office is made up of subject matter experts in aviation, fuel logistics, data research, acquisitions, wargaming, and maintenance, divided across the following focus areas: Current Operations, Future Operations, Fuel Logistics, Aircraft Sustainment and Strategic Engagement. We also collaborate with industry leaders and government partners to ensure the latest research, developments and trends are part of our strategy. 

To learn about some of the projects we’re working on, check out the OE in Action and Future Initiatives sections of our website. 

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Our Mission & Vision

pilot walking away from aircraft with gear Our Mission

To increase combat capability and mitigate operational risk to the warfighter through energy-informed solutions and technologies.

Our Vision

To create an energy-optimized Air Force that maximizes combat capability for the warfighter.

Our Goals

  • Fuel More Fight: Improve the Energy Intensity of Operations 
  • No Fuel, No Fight: Understand and Manage Risk from the Fuel Supply Chain 
  • Accelerate to Win: Improve Planning Speed and Execution Effectiveness
  • Data-Informed Decisions: Enable Understanding of Operational Energy Use
  • Engage & Inform Stakeholders: Build an Operational Energy-Informed Culture 


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