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Working with Installation Energy

Energy is and will be required by the Air Force to operate. While this presents a tough challenge, we are also currently experiencing levels of unprecedented advancement. To take advantage of the innovations, in both technology and thought, being developed today, the Installation Energy team is always looking for new and innovative tools and opportunities to enable a resilient, ready, and robust Air Force.

Our end goal is to provide mission assurance through energy assurance. To accomplish this we will need to work collaboratively with partners from industry, financing, energy service companies, and installation communities. Ultimately, efforts may be undertaken by the Air Force on its own or jointly with private sector industry firms through third party financing or other forms of public-private partnership agreements.

Some of our current key focal areas are:

Advanced Power Research Announcement
The Air Force Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO) is reaching out to innovative entrepreneurs to help build the future of energy resiliency. Through an Advanced Research Announcement (ARA), published May 4, 2018, on the Federal Business Opportunities website, APTO is looking to tap into new and fresh ideas to enhance energy security and readiness for Air Force installations and military operations. This ARA, which remains open until May 2, 2023, calls for the development of “alternative energy and energy efficiency technologies to provide increased capabilities and benefits to Air Force installations, equipment, and aircraft.

The ARA, titled “Government Requirement for Advanced Power and Energy (GRAPE),” (FA8650-18-S-5008), can be found on the Federal Business Opportunities website.

The Air Force is always looking for more effective methods to meet its mission’s energy requirements. Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) seeks to leverage a single, comprehensive contract to deliver holistic energy solutions that meet the electricity and energy resilience requirements at an installation.

Check back here for updates on EaaS, solicitation information, and additional pilot details.  

Performance Contracting
The Air Force encourages installations to utilize performance contracting when appropriate. Performance contracting, like energy savings performance contracting (ESPC), allows the Air Force to implement infrastructure improvements without the use of current year funds. An ESPC is a contract in which an energy service company (ESCO) designs, builds, implements, operates, maintains, and arranges the necessary funding of improvements that increase resiliency, reduce energy and water consumption and promote the use of renewable energy technologies.

 Cycle of Cost Savings and Payments (Federal Energy Management Program)

Are you an ESCO, financing company or want to learn more about performance contracting or other third party financing opportunities? Visit the Air Force Civil Engineering Center.

Don’t see anything that sounds like what you are looking for? Visit one of our other pages for information on additional ways you can support the Air Force in accomplishing its missions: Air Force Energy Program,Operational Energy, or The Office of Energy Assurance. For a complete listing of all Air Force related opportunities visit FedBizOps.

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