About the Environment Program

The DAF Environment Program enables the mission by protecting human health and the environment through compliance with environmental laws and regulations, conservation through sound management and consultation practices, and the application of innovative remediation technologies that accelerate environmental cleanup. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure (SAF/IEE) Environment Program is responsible for all matters pertaining to environmental compliance, management, quality, restoration, and waste minimization, sustainable development, international environmental activities, natural and cultural resources, tribal relations, interagency and intergovernmental coordination, executing DoD policies and mandates, interfacing with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other external organizations concerning Department of the Air Force wide environmental issues. 

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The Department of the Air Force Environment Program is divided into three pillars or programs of support - Compliance, Conservation, and Cleanup.

• The Compliance pillar ensures our operations comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations, policy, executive orders, and environmental provisions in related international agreements in order to continue the mission unimpeded.

• The Conservation pillar includes the Natural and Cultural Resources Management programs and ensures the Department of the Air Force protects and preserves the health, diversity, and productivity of our natural resources upon which we operate. Through the application of sound management practices, the Conservation programs also ensure that the Department balances its obligation to preserve and protect its culturally significant resources while meeting its military mission and goals.

• The Cleanup pillar's mission is to protect human health and the environment; return land to mission use; utilize innovative contracting and technical approaches for accelerated cleanup; comply with regulatory requirements and laws.

The three pillars of the Environmental Management System

Air Force PFOS/PFOA Approach


Image of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure Nancy J. Balkus
Ms. Nancy J. Balkus
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure

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