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All aspects of the Air Force mission depends on a reliable supply of energy, and using that energy smarter means flying our aircraft farther, transporting more cargo and accomplishing our mission in a more efficient and effective way.

Everyone in the Air Force, from Airmen to civilians to contractors, play a key role in achieving our energy goals by making energy a consideration in all that we do. So we challenge Airmen to protect the power we have by looking for ways to save energy, water, and other resources. Every effort counts – small changes in our Air Force community members’ daily habits lead to substantial savings when multiplied across the Air Force.

Best Practices

Vehicle Usage

Only about 15 percent of the energy from the fuel you put in your tank gets used to move your car down the road or run useful accessories, such as air conditioning. The rest of the energy is lost to engine and driveline inefficiencies and idling. Therefore, the potential to improve fuel efficiency with advanced technologies is enormous.
Top 5 Tips to Protect the Power In Your Vehicle

In the Office

Thirty percent. That’s the amount of energy the average commercial building wastes. If you’ve never done anything to save energy at your building, chances are you have a lot of room to improve. In fact, it’s often possible to reduce energy use by 10 percent with little or no cost.
Top 5 Energy Tips for the Office

In the Dorm

Some Airmen may think that while living in the dorm, they would have little opportunity to make a impact on an installation’s energy bill. To the contrary, daily habits of each dorm resident impact energy usage more than one would think. Collectively residents doing simple things to protect the power can equate to huge savings. For example, Dorm 1346 of Osan Air Base, Korea, was able to save $52,000 in energy costs during a nine-month Energy Consumption Reduction Competition hosted by the 51st Civil Engineer Squadron. Members fostered an energy awareness culture, which included the five simple tips below.
Top 5 Energy Tips for the Dorm


The Air Force recommends Airmen routinely evaluate energy decisions in the workplace and at home.

Office Energy Checklist

This checklist outlines actions that conserve energy at the office.  Even small changes by each individual Airmen can have a large impact on Protecting the Power and assuring that energy is available for mission.  Download.

Home Energy Checklist

At home, smart energy decisions can be made today, this week, this month and this year to ensure that Airmen are doing their part to Protect the Power. Download.