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  • Sing-a-Long Songs (Energy and Water Versions). If you want to remember anything –put it in a song. It is a great tool to teach kids from ages 4 to 94 on the things you can do to protect the power.
  • “Protect the Power” House Coloring Page. Figure the places in a house where energy can be conserved for example, the refrigerator in the kitchen, windows, attic (insulation), geothermal heat pump in basement, etc.
  • Crossword Puzzle. Provided with and without the answer key lets you test their knowledge on different energy sources and methods of energy conservation
  • Word Search Puzzles. with and without answer keys tests your knowledge on different energy sources and methods of energy conservation
  • Drawing your own Super Hero lets you use the daily powers and earth’s power resources to picture yourself as a super hero. How you “protect the power” is up to you!
  • Take Home Reminders /Magnets can be used to keep the topic of energy conservation alive. We have included as we as option to create magnets, using Avery magnetic sheets. You can place paper copies or magnets on applicable energy sources (washer, refrigerator and dishwasher) to remind the whole family about ways to protect the power. 
  • Top 5 Energy and Water Conservation Tip Posters for Kids are great tools to start the dialogue with children. You can help lay the foundation of good energy saving habits that won’t cost them a dime but will pay huge dividends over a lifetime for them and our planet!

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