Fuel efficiency big winner at A/TA - 349th AMW KC-10 2016 winner

  • Published
  • By by Col. Laurel “Buff” Burkel, Air Mobility Command Chief, Fuel Efficiency Division
  • 349 AMW

October’s Energy Action Month ended on a high note at this year’s Airlift/Tanker Association (A/TA) Convention in Nashville, Tenn. The Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy (SAF/IE) hosted an Energy Panel seminar discussion and the AMC Commander presented the command’s Fuel Efficiency Awards highlighting the role that energy awareness plays in effective mission accomplishment.

At the Energy Panel seminar discussion, titled “Protect the Power…Fuel the Fight”, Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), SAF/IE and AMC/A3 teamed together to showcase current Operational Energy initiatives and innovations and how the MAF community can help to positively affect energy awareness. The Panel, moderated by Mr. Bert Guerrero from SAF/IEN, included Ms. Amanda Simpson – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (DASD) for Operational Energy, Brig Gen Brian Robinson – AMC/A3, Col Buff Burkel – AMC/A3F, and Col Brent Baysinger – AMC/DA3F. Lively discussion between the panel members and the audience included updates on topics such as the C-17 $AVE (Surfing Aircraft Vortices for Energy) technology demonstration, understanding the impact of Flying Hour programs on fuel efficiency, new approaches to optimize fuel usage, and ways to foster and incentivize an energy aware culture. The main takeaway from the panel was AMC’s unique operational environmental challenges. The MAF needs to continue to strive to be more fuel efficient, in order to enhance and increase mission effectiveness. It is not necessarily about how you save fuel, but rather how you optimize use of the fuel you have.

Immediately after the panel, Gen Everhart and other MAF leaders presented AMC’s Fuel Efficiency Awards. These awards recognize the outstanding work units have done this past year to increase energy awareness and efficiency. Competition was fierce, and packages offered several great fuel efficiency ideas and initiatives worth exploring for implementation across the MAF.

The 6 AMW at MacDill garnered the overall 2016 MAF Fuel Efficiency Award. This was based on the superb results generated by the wing’s Fuel Efficiency Working Group. MacDill stands out as the best among the rest in highlighting their efforts toward improving their fuel efficiency.

The winners for 2016 are:
C-17, the 154 WG, Hawaii ANG at Hickam
C-130, the 153 AMW, Wyoming ANG at Cheyenne
C-5, the 436 AW, Dover AFB Active Duty
KC-10, the 349 AMW, Travis AFB Reserves
KC-135, the 126 ARW, Illinois ANG at Scott AFB

“The 349th Air Mobility Wing award was based on our having the most efficient wing - moving the most cargo vs the number of hours flown - for the least amount of fuel used,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Von Thaden of the 349th Operation Group.

AMC thanks all MAF Airmen for your fuel efficiency-minded leadership, vision, ingenuity, motivation, and teamwork. Your hard work enables us, as DoD's leading consumer and steward of aviation fuel, to use and deliver this national resource as responsibly and efficiently as we can, while effectively executing Rapid Global Mobility, both now and in the future.

Overall, A/TA and October’s Energy Action Month were huge successes. Stay tuned for upcoming Operational Energy news and more Fuel Efficiency innovations. Thank you for your support!

(Note: Article contributed to by 349th Public Affairs staff)