Electrical systems specialists light path to mission success

  • Published
  • 27th Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Every Air Force base and installation around the world requires electricity to operate successfully. Responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining this electrical network, electrical systems specialists ensure that our primary source of energy is always available. From space command communicating with our satellites to hospitals operating lifesaving equipment, every Air Force function depends on this crucial service provided by these experts.


At the 27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron, it’s no different, and the roles that the specialists have are critical to the wing mission in maintaining a premier installation.


“In today’s world electricity is like oxygen,” said Master Sgt. Adam Dengel, 27 SOCES electrical shop NCO-in-charge. “People don’t realize its importance until they don’t have it. The Airmen [here] provide all power on base from the high-voltage distribution system down to the receptacles in offices.”


Their career tasks include installing, servicing, modifying and repairing electrical equipment and systems, troubleshooting malfunctions and recommending necessary repair procedures, installing and maintaining aircraft lighting systems and surveying proposed work to determine resource requirements across Cannon.


Work encompasses anything from the daily parking lot light needed replaced to the generator of a building frying and needing a restart. The job requires flexibility, and a lot of it, considering the massive amount of jobs given to the shop.


According to Dengel, over 600 requests have been handled so far this year.


“There is a great deal of coordination and cooperation that goes on within the operations flight of our units,” Dengel said. “The different shops all rely on one another’s specific job knowledge and skillsets to accomplish the mission.”


Airmen might have many jobs to handle, but they’re always trained and ready for the crowded schedule at Cannon. Without the maintenance performed across the base by the electric shop, it would be impossible to maintain a thriving environment for the Air Commandos working here.


It’s a career that demands flexibility and precision, one that every Air Force base needs to complete their respective missions. From burned bulbs to blackouts, these specialists are always on standby to ensure no one is left in the dark.