Fall is more than a season that's upon us

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Gary Lund
  • 960th Cyberspace Wing

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-CHAPMAN TRAINING ANNEX, Texas -- Falls can happen in several different ways and there are four A’s we can practice in order to prevent slips, trips and falls in the future. Fall prevention can be practiced; not just for the upcoming fall season, but also year round.

The first A is aware, because we must be aware of our surroundings at all times in order to prevent slips, trips and falls. Some hazards to look out for are carpet tears, flood spills, walkway obstacles, stairway clutter and cords in the middle of the floor.

The second A is address, because we must address any hazard we identify, whether it’s at our workplace or homes. Ways to address the hazard include adequate lighting, spill cleanup, reporting issues that can’t be fixed on the spot, and, if needed, call for help in order to fix the hazard.

The third A is to always keep safety on your mind when it comes to keeping your work area and homes safe from tripping hazards. Ways to keep safety in mind would be to: Take your time when walking down steps of either stairs or a ladder; don’t obstruct your view by carrying items that hinder your vision; be aware of your surroundings, even in familiar territory; avoid texting or talking on cell phones while walking; wear proper footwear; use a spotter when climbing up and down ladders; look out for slopes in the ground while walking; and beware of slippery surfaces from wet conditions. Also, always report mishaps regarding slips, trips and falls; even if they’re minor.

The fourth A is to ask yourself, before beginning work, the following questions: Are you using handrails when going up and down stairwells? Where are you going to be standing on the ladder? Do you have a spotter for jobs that require you to climb a ladder? Is your footwear adequate?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself in order to avoid slips, trips and falls. This list is not all inclusive.

Slip, trip and fall prevention can be practiced whether you’re in your workplace, or if you’re working virtually during this timeframe. Always remember that risk management should be practiced, not just in your every day job, but also with extra-curricular activities you participate in off-duty, as well.