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Current Inititiaves

Air Force energy and water projects are transforming the ways in which the Air Force uses energy and water at installations. To ensure a reliable, ready and resilient supply continues, the Air Force Installation Energy Program is integrating energy and water considerations across the enterprise by focusing on the following initiatives:
To ensure that United States Air Force Airmen have the power when, and where they need it, the Air Force, through the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment, Safety and Infrastructure (SAF/IEE), is leading the development of an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model that can support Air Force installations in meeting their energy needs. EaaS is a long-term arrangement with a single entity to meet an Air Force installations comprehensive electric power requirement using existing acquisition authorities. The goal is to work with industry to buy the mission capability, not just the energy commodity.

This arrangement will comprehensively address:

  • Operation and investment in the on-base electric utility system
  • Procurement of supply
  • Implementation of energy conservation measures

 EaaS utilizes one industry partner to manage, operate and invest in the energy portfolio at an installation.

Read the Energy-as-a-Service fact sheet to learn more and for updates, solicitation information and additional pilot details visit at www.fbo.gov.

Mission Thread Analysis
The Air Force recognizes that energy is required to conduct all Air Force operations and missions and plays a central enabling role in daily and contingency operations. Therefore, the Air Force is engaging mission owners and support groups to gain a better understanding of Air Force missions and the how energy assurance relates to mission assurance through mission thread analysis (MTA). MTA’s top-down approach allows the Air Force to map a missions architecture and subsequently produce model outputs that highlight potential critical dependencies and vulnerabilities using mission objectives, operational tasks, system functions and specific assets. From there, the Air Force will be able to better prioritize actions, evaluate business cases for resiliency, and improve its ability to advocate for resources.    

Learn more about Mission Thread Analysis.

Water Resources Management
From training to operations and facilities, water is a critical input to accomplish Air Force missions. As part of the Installation Energy portfolio, the water resources management program has been tasked with developing a risk-based water resources management approach that directly supports mission assurance by identifying installations’ most pressing water-related threats. This will provide insights into vulnerabilities and potential impacts-to-mission at the installation level and enterprise-wide, empowering decision-makers to invest in resilience and manage water more effectively.

Learn additional information about Air Force Water Resources Management

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