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Hill AFB to implement an ‘Energy Day’ Nov. 27

  • Published
  • 75th Civil Engineer Group

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- An Energy Day will be implemented at Hill Air Force Base Fri., Nov. 27, in accordance with AFSC directives.

Base personnel are being asked to participate by conserving energy.

While many will be taking leave on the day following the Thanksgiving holiday, officials said it’s a “perfect opportunity for us to show our commitment to energy conservation.”

Prior to leaving for the holiday weekend:

Ensure lights are off, all doors and windows are closed, exterior mechanical room doors are shut and any unnecessary equipment is shutdown/unplugged such as coffee pots. However, leave your computers powered on.

For those who will be working, please keep energy conservation in mind as you go through your day.

Due to cooler temperatures and the potential for buildings to freeze, building temperature set points should remain where they are.

Hill AFB is the third largest energy consumer in the Air Force and everyone’s efforts to conserve energy are important, not just on this Energy Day, but every day.

Contact the Nick King, Base Energy Manager, at with any questions or for more information.