Department of the Air Force Celebrates eJARVIS Milestone

  • Published
  • By Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force celebrated the launch of eJARVIS at the recent Energy Exchange 2024 event in Pittsburgh, PA alongside key stakeholders and industry. eJARVIS, short for energy – Just Another Robust Visual Infrastructure System, is a cutting-edge application aimed at enhancing the security and efficiency of installation energy management.

"The eJARVIS system utilizes advanced cybersecurity and privacy encryption, aggregating and then visualizing energy and infrastructure data from disparate sources," said Douglas Tucker, Director of Installation Energy Policy and Programs for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Environment, Safety, & Infrastructure). "This next wave of digital tools is promising because they empower energy managers to transform manual tasks, inform predictive budgeting, and ultimately optimize our ability to more accurately and efficiently support the mission."  

The Air Force team, made up of the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety & Infrastructure and AFWERX, partnered with Via Science Inc to initiate the eJARVIS effort in 2022. Over the past year, the system has been piloted at Travis Air Force Base, California, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland and Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, where it has demonstrated its capabilities in cleaning, wrangling, and visualizing data from legacy systems.

Currently, the eJARVIS team is focused on developing interactive real-time dashboards to inform the Department of the Air Force’s non-tactical vehicle fleet electrification transition. By integrating data from previously siloed sources like BUILDER Sustainment Management System, the Federal Automotive Statistical Tool, and NexGen IT, eJARVIS creates a more complete and accurate view of site readiness for fleet electrification. Additionally, the platform's ability to automate energy utility billing processes creates meaningful time savings for energy managers. Together, this technology and other pilots underway are paving the way to a more streamlined, agile, and digitized future.

On March 7, the Department of the Air Force energy management application, eJARVIS, achieved continuous Authority to Operate through the Department of Defense’s Platform One. Initial users gained access to the system through Common Access Card authentication. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the department’s effort to harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to modernize and optimize energy consumption through data driven decision-making.

eJARVIS achieved continuous Authority to Operate in just three months – a testament to the dedication and innovation of the eJARVIS team. The team embraced the continuous Authority to Operate principle to expedite the authorization process by shifting from traditional, lengthy assessments to daily assessment and monitoring of system vulnerabilities.