Air Force officials publish energy program policy

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  • By AFNS
The secretary of the Air Force recently signed the Air Force Energy Program Policy. This document will serve as the blueprint for Air Force officials as they continue their goal to keep energy initiatives in the forefront.

"The Air Force energy strategy furthers an energy future that is secure, efficient, and environmentally sound" said Michael B. Donley, secretary of the Air Force.

The policy provides information for the management strategy, goals objectives and metrics, including organizational relationships and existing responsibilities.

Americans import roughly 58 percent of the country's petroleum products. It is anticipated that they will continue to import an increasing percentage of energy supplies going forward. This increased demand for imports, coupled with dwindling resources and instability in the Arabian Gulf region makes it clear the need for an effective energy strategy.

The overarching vision in the Air Force Energy Initiative is "Make Energy a Consideration in All We Do." This initiative will be met by reducing demand, increasing supply and changing the culture within.

A copy of the entire document can be found at