Logistics innovations impact warfighters

  • Published
  • By Maj. Dave Huxsoll
  • Air Mobility Command Public Affairs
The commander of Air Mobility Command thanked members of his organization in attendance Nov. 14 here at the national conference of the Logistics Officer Association, noting their initiatives are resulting in needed fuel and equipment being delivered to warfighters faster and more efficiently.

"In fighting and winning the war on terrorism and preparing for the next war, you loggies have stood up and helped immensely," Gen. Arthur J. Lichte said.

One example he highlighted is AMC's C-5 Galaxy regionalized isochronal inspection program.

"We used to do these (inspections) at eight different locations and spent a lot of money on support equipment," the general said. The program consolidates C-5 ISO at three locations, one of which is already up and running at Dover Air Force Base, Del.

When the program is fully realized, it will save the Air Force almost 60 manpower positions and more than $80 million in support equipment.

Most important, the general said, it will return aircraft to operations an average of 28 days earlier. "It's increased the flow days, which effectively means we get airplanes flowing through the system faster and better," General Lichte said, adding this change will also allow the transport of an additional 10,000 pallets a year.

"This is some tremendous innovation that the loggie community has brought to us to help not only win the war we are engaged in now, but help prepare for the next war," he said.

Other resource-saving initiatives the general showcased: a streamlined 60K loader inspection process which reduces inspection times from almost 90 minutes to 25 minutes; an effort to shift some C-5 and C-17 Globemaster III loading responsibilities from loadmasters to aerial porters which allows aircraft to "turn" in two hours or less; and both C-17 and KC-10 Extender thrust reverser process changes which cut repair times by up to 79 percent.

"I credit the (Air Force Smart Operations) 21 mindset that is throughout Air Mobility Command, as well as people like you for coming up with these ideas that make the mission better," the general said.

General Lichte discussed these reforms in the context of AMC efforts to meet the Air Force's top three priorities -- fighting and winning the global war on terrorism and preparing for the next war; taking care of Airmen and their families; and recapitalizing and modernizing the force.