Master plan cleanup efforts kick off at BRAC Industry Day

  • Published
  • By Eduardo Salinas
  • Air Force Real Property Agency Public Affairs
The Air Force's new approach to managing the environmental cleanup of former Air Force installations was unveiled at the Base Realignment and Closure Master Plan Industry Day Nov. 13 in San Antonio.

The event, held jointly by Air Force Real Property Agency and the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence, gave private sector environmental firms the opportunity to learn how they can help the Air Force accomplish the goal of accelerating environmental restoration and property transfer at former Air Force bases closed under BRAC legislation.

"Working together to realize the potential of the BRAC Master Plan as part of the Air Force's asset management strategy will enable us to more effectively support the Air Force, the taxpayer, our defense communities, and most importantly, the warfighter," said Kathryn Halvorson, director of AFRPA.

AFRPA Environmental Chiefs William Ryan and Sigmund Csicsery spoke about the purpose of the BRAC Master Plan and the innovations that drive the plan's effort. One of the cornerstone innovations is the performance base contract, which focuses on the accomplishment of specific environmental cleanup goals rather than how these goals are achieved.

The Industry Day event also provided an opportunity for attendees to provide their input on the BRAC Master Plan effort. Ms. Halvorson stressed the importance of contractor input to improving the effectiveness of environmental restoration efforts.

"This is a great opportunity for contractors to provide input and shape the future of the program," said Kathryn Halvorson, director of AFRPA.

The BRAC Master Plan, which was officially endorsed by William C. Anderson, assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, environment and logistics in late September, is a comprehensive strategic approach that will drive environmental remediation and property transfer activities at former Air Force bases. Execution of the plan will result in the accelerated environmental restoration and transfer of former Air Force property and provide a return on asset value.

Additionally, the expedited transfer of former Air Force property to local communities will stimulate economic redevelopment and job growth.