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Category: BRAC Redevelopment Successes
  • New Parking Lot Solar Project Completed at Former Norton Air Force Base

    A $2.8 million solar project providing shaded parking while generating energy has been completed at the San Bernardino International Airport, located on the former Norton Air Force Base. The project, located across the street from the new terminal, consists of eight modular structures in the airport's parking lot, each of them covered with 336
  • Welcome to McClellan: <em>Business is Hot at Aero Union</em>

    Aero Union, a recent transplant to McClellan Business Park from Chico, about 90 miles away, flies and maintains what Chief Pilot Michael Grimm laughingly refers to as the "Finding Nemo plane," a P-3, which has the same coloration as the tropical clownfish character in the popular Disney film. Although P-3s are used for military purposes in many
  • Pease International Tradeport Takes Off

    Of all the closed and converted Air Force bases in the U.S., Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is one of a kind, with ideal conditions for germinating its flourishing redevelopment. The Air Force Real Property Agency worked closely with the community to facilitate property transfer once the base closed in 1991. Today, about
  • Million Air Luring General Aviation to former Norton Air Force Base

    This summer, Million Air opened a new terminal at San Bernardino International Airport, bumping up the luxury quotient at the former Norton Air Force Base. The company provides executive services in deluxe surroundings for private jet owners while their aircraft are being refueled. The Air Force Real Property Agency managed the environmental
  • Demolition begins for huge medical complex planned for former March AFB

    Demolition began July 27 on the first of 40 buildings being cleared for construction of a huge medical complex at the former March Air Force Base. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the demolition ceremony, describing the planned $3.7 billion complex as "the Mayo Clinic of the West."The proposed 3.5-million-square-foot March

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