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  • Reaching New Heights in Operational Energy

    For Air Force Operational Energy, 2023 was a year of preparing for the challenges that lie ahead and ensuring every resource is used to its fullest potential. With fuel set to become the margin of victory in great power competition, the Department of the Air Force set out to advance initiatives that

  • Mobility wings win $1.8 million in mission execution awards and rebates

    Active duty C-17 Globemaster III units from Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, and Travis Air Force Base, California, will receive over $1.8 million in rebates and awards as part of the Mission Execution Excellence Program, a new incentive program led by Air Force Operational Energy to enhance

  • Air Force Operational Energy has breakthrough year

    2021 proved to be a pivotal year for Air Force Operational Energy as programs received unprecedented support – enabling many long-hoped-for initiatives to get the greenlight and progress to the next stage of development.