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FEMP Winners

2021 DAF Federal Energy & Water Management Award Winners

The Department of Energy's FEMP Federal Energy and Water Management Awards recognize individuals, groups, and agencies for their outstanding contributions in the areas of energy and water efficiency, resilience, and technology achievements; distributed energy; cyber security; and fleet management at federal facilities. FEMP anticipates honoring the winners in the March to April 2022 timeframe via a ceremony and celebration.


Robert Anderson

Air National Guard Civil Engineering Technical Service Center
Minot Air Force Base

In Robert Anderson's 37 years of federal career service, including the past 13 years with the Air National Guard (ANG) Civil Engineering Technical Service Center, he has become the ANG subject matter expert for mechanical engineering matters. He serves as the lead project manager for Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization, Military Construction, and Energy Resilience and Conservation Investment Program projects at 21 primary installations and 7 associated Geographically Separated Units in 13 states and territories. Since 2003, the 103 energy related projects Mr. Anderson has executed have resulted in a cumulative reduction in energy use intensity of 21.7% and water use intensity of 30.9% for installations in his assigned states and territories.


Hill Air Force Base

In FY 2020, the Air Base Wing (ABW) at Hill Air Force Base initiated an ISO-50001 Ready energy management system (EnMS) program. This effort helped to identify significant energy users and applicable energy consumption targets. The EnMS was used to develop measurement, documentation, and reporting standards for steam, natural gas, water, and electricity systems. The program’s close coordination, along with the rigorous measurement and documentation framework, led to numerous energy efficiency project opportunities. Three projects—featuring air balance controls, automatic dip tank covers with advanced controls, and compressed air system loop optimization—accounted for roughly half of the 26 million kWh saved in FY 2020.

Robins Air Force Base

The Robins Energy Program Management Team works in a highly collaborative environment, developing strategies to achieve reduced energy consumption, improved energy resilience, and revitalized infrastructure of aged, failing equipment critical to all mission partners at Robins Air Force Base. In addition to leveraging direct funding from the Energy Resilience and Conservation Investment Program and third party financing, the Robins Team has also begun leveraging Air Force Materiel Command's continuous process improvement model, known as "Art-of-the-Possible" or "The Machine," to increase awareness and resolve constraints. The Machine currently tracks 28 initiatives with total project savings of more than $493 million.

Tinker Air Force Base

Tinker Air Force Base's Energy Team has reduced energy consumption even as the base continues to grow. From FY 2019 to FY 2020, Tinker reduced energy consumption by 10% and water consumption by 25%, yielding nearly $3 million and $550,000 in respective savings. Capping off a series of successful energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs) and utility energy service contracts (UESCs), Tinker completed its third and largest ESPC to date in FY 2020, focused on industrial processes at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex. Efforts completed there in FY 2020 include lighting efficiency, steam decentralization, and improvements to the energy management control system (EMCS), chillers, air compressors, and industrial processes.


Eglin Air Force Base

Eglin Air Force Base (EAFB), in partnership with Energy Services Group and Okaloosa Gas District, completed the installation of two peak shaving generators, a natural gas combined heat and power package, and additional solar power resulting in nearly 7 megawatts of real-time energy resilience and cost-effective mission assurance for EAFB's critical loads. The combined energy produced from these natural gas units and state-of-the-art solar arrays satisfies nearly 20% of all electric demand on EAFB's extensive western grid. Additional mission resilience and assurance is achieved through a dedicated microgrid control system.

McConnell Air National Guard Base

McConnell Air National Guard Base (ANGB) hosts the Intelligence and Cyber Operations mission, which requires critical climate control for energy intensive computer server rooms. McConnell ANGB completed a state-of-the-art ground source heat pump system, along with retrofitting and HVAC upgrades. The system recovers and diverts waste heat from high-intensity buildings with steady power consumption and heats buildings with warm coolant, reducing the need for natural gas. The 247 tons of installed geothermal capacity yielded a combined annual electric and natural gas energy savings of 12.5 Mmbtu and an energy cost savings of more than $265,000 during FY 2020.


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