SAF/IE: Ready Installations, Reliable Environmental Infrastructure, Resilient Energy

SAF/IE enables Airmen and Guardians to Fly, Fight, and Win through resilient energy solutions, ready installations, and reliable environmental infrastructure.

The Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations, and Environment (SAF/IE) is a civilian office in the United States Department of the Air Force. The office has overall responsibility for installations strategy and strategic basing processes; built and natural infrastructure; facility, process and operational energy; environment, safety and occupational health; and to ensure the sustainability and operational readiness of the Department of the Air Force.

SAF/IE provides guidance, direction, and oversight for all matters pertaining to the formulation, review, and execution of plans, policies, programs, and budgets to ensure the sustainment, protection of the mission from degradation and encroachment regarding federal and state legislation and regulations related to: Energy, Environment, Infrastructure, Installations, and Safety.

SAF/IE is a team of committed Airmen, Guardians civilians, and contractors who provide readiness, resiliency and reliability by:

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