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  • 5 wins for Operational Energy in 2017

    Learn about some of our favorite accomplishments in 2017 and the cool ways we’re innovating Air Force Energy.
  • From the base to the fight, every Airman can protect the power

    October is Energy Action Month across the federal government, and for the Air Force, it represents an opportunity to remind Airmen of the role energy plays in fulfilling the Air Force’s mission.
  • Electrical systems specialists light path to mission success

    Every Air Force base and installation around the world requires electricity to operate successfully. Responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining this electrical network, electrical systems specialists ensure that our primary source of energy is always available. From space command communicating with our satellites to hospitals operating lifesaving equipment, every Air Force function depends on this crucial service provided by these experts.
  • AFCEC facilitating millions in energy savings worldwide

    A tool with potential to save millions of dollars in annual energy expenditures is within reach for Air Force bases worldwide.Energy savings performance contracts, or ESPCs, are partnerships between federal agencies and energy service companies that provide energy savings and facility improvements with no up-front capital costs to the government.
  • AFCEC teams work together to expand Air Force energy programs

    The dedicated energy professionals within AFCEC and the Office of Energy Assurance, or OEA, are doing just that - working together to accomplish the Air Force energy vision of enhancing mission assurance through energy assurance.

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