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    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Barnes Municipal Airport Air Guard StationHanscom Air Force BaseOtis Air National Guard BaseWestover Air Reserve BaseBarnes Municipal Airport Air Guard StationThe Air National Guard is responsible for Barnes Municipal Airport Air Guard Station (AGS). Realign Barnes through the following actions: 1. Distribute the 15

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Andrews Air Force BaseMartin State Airport Air Guard StationAndrews Air Force BaseAir Force District of Washington (AFDW) is responsible for Andrews AFB. Air Mobility Command will cooperate with AFDW in the execution of following actions: 1. Relocate the Air Force Flight Standards Agency (AFFSA) and its two C-21

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Barksdale Air Force BaseNaval Air Station New Orleans Air Reserve StationBarksdale Air Force BaseRealign Barksdale through the following actions: Establish 24 Primary Aircraft Authorization A-10 aircraft at the 917th Wing (AFR), Barksdale AFB. Air Force Reserve Command is responsible for this action. Back to topNaval

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Louisville International Airport Air Guard StationLouisville International Airport Air Guard StationNo BRAC actions.

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Forbes Field Air Guard StationMcConnell Air Force BaseForbes Field Air Guard StationThe Air National Guard is responsible for Forbes Field air Guard Station (AGS). Realign Forbes through the following actions:1. Transfer the 190th KC-135E aircraft to the Aerospace Maintanence and Regeneration Center at Davis-Monthan
  • IOWA

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Des Moines International Airport Air Guard StationSioux Gateway Airport Air GuardDes Moines International Airport Air Guard StationThe Air National Guard is responsible for Des Moines Air Guard Station (AGS). Realign Des Moines through the following actions: 1. Establish 18 Primary Aircraft Authrization F-16 aircraft at
  • UTAH

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Hill Air Force BaseSalt Lake City IAP Air Guard StationHill Air Force BaseAir Force Materiel Command (AFMC) is responsible for Hill AFB, UT. Realign Hill AFB through the following actions:1. * Distribute the 15 F-16 aircraft assigned to the 419th Fighter Wing Air Force Reserve (AFR), Hill AFB to meet the primary

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Hickam Air Force BaseHickam Air Force BasePacific Air Forces is responsible for Hickam AFB. Realign Hickam through the following actions: 1. Relocate Regional Supply Squadron positions from Hickam AFB to Langley AFB, VA, to establish a Combat Air Force Logistics Support Centers. PACAF is responsible for this

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Dobbins Air Reserve BaseMoody Air Force BaseRobins Air Force BaseSavannah International Airport Air Guard StationDobbins Air Reserve BaseAir Force Reserve Command is responsible for Dobbins Air Reserve Base, GA. Realign Dobbins ARB through the following actions: Consolidate the Naval Air Reserve Atlanta with Navy Marine

    Affected BRAC 2005 Locations Eglin Air Force BaseHomestead Air Reserve StationHurlburt FieldJacksonville International Airport Air Guard StationMacDill Air Force BasePatrick Air Force BaseTyndall Air Force BaseEglin Air Force BaseAir Force Material Command (AFMC) is responsible for Eglin AFB, FL. Realign Eglin through the following actions: 1.

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